Message from New Executive Director of Girl Child Network on leadership transition Share

Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 2:51am
Please note that all those who wish to contact Nyasha Mazango she is on gcn@zol.co.zw
Girl Child Network Zimbabwe confirms successful leadership transition

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe (GCN) wishes to inform girls and all stakeholders that the leadership transition initiated by the Founder and first Executive Director, Betty Makoni who is now based in the United Kingdom where she is the Founder and President of Girl Child Network Worldwide has been successfully done . The New Executive Director, Nyasha Mazango has taken over the leadership of the organisation and a new leadership team is in place to carry on the legacy of the organisation .

The New Executive Director would like to confirm that almost everything that needed to be handed over was done diligently and professionally .GCN over the past ten years put together policies, in house training programs for girls and women leaders ,fundraising strategies with both local big and small individual funding partners and reporting systems that need to be fully implemented and monitored directly and this is what the new Executive Director is currently working to do .

Betty Makoni has handed over all GCN assets (movable and immovable), four Girls Empowerment Villages , 21 Vehicles and all current grant agreements with donors . Eighteen donors have confirmed regrants and partnership with GCN Zimbabwe and only one donor will not renew partnership. All bank statements and financial reports which had been managed by a finance director have been submitted and this is still work in progress. The new Executive Director has received and signed all asset registers. An induction by the Founder of Girl Child Network Betty Makoni was successfully concluded and all reports , financial reports ,evaluation reports were professionally handed over for follow up and review .

The New Executive Director would want to inform all girls and stakeholders that a total of nineteen donors are still working with Girl Child Network and for the past ten years they have worked with the Founder member and from all previous reports so far analysed there is a lot of work that has been funded and supported by all donors . GCN values every contribution made by every funding partner and the organisation sees every contribution whether big or small to be valuable. GCN respects views and input from funding partners and hopes to engage every partner for the betterment of girls lives in Zimbabwe .

In the next few months Nyasha Mazango hopes to officially unveil GCN three year strategic plan where most of what has been done in the past will be enhanced, improved upon and all best practices in GCN supported and shared widely . GCN Empowerment model will continue to expand to many areas of Zimbabwe to benefit girls whose lives continue to be at risk and recent revelations of sexual abuse of at least 106 girls at a school in Bulawayo are some issues GCN will move swiftly o work on now that a leadership team is in place .

Girls and all stakeholders are being encouraged to support GCN efforts now that the leadership transition has been successful and GCN is one of the few organisations that has promoted young girls to take over the organisation and a lot of what GCN learnt during transition process will help the organisation do more such programs in the future .GCN would like to inform all that GCN leadership at all levels has been reviewed inline with our three year strategic plan and all Area coordinators and program coordinators have been officially announced

Girl Child Network is a learning organisation and thrives for Excellency and stakeholders are free to come in with ideas and new strategies to help us respond to girls` needs because each day presents new challenges. GCN welcomes all stakeholders to communicate directly with the New Executive Director on any issues ,concerns and potential partnership .

Girls in Zimbabwe would like to congratulate Betty Makoni for being nominated top ten CNN hero and for being one of the few child rights heroes for the decade prize for the rights of the child where 22 million children have taken part in the global vote . Betty Makoni`s efforts to build GCN in the last ten years deserve to be awarded .

Inserted by:
Nyasha BM Mazango
Executive Director.
On behalf of Girl Child Network girls and board


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